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  6. 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxi Konstruktionslim EC-2216, Grå, 250 ml, 12 Kit/fp

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxi Konstruktionslim EC-2216, Grå, 250 ml, 12 Kit/fp

3M ID 7100115633
Behållarstorlek (metrisk)
250 Millilitre
250 µL

3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4432 is a non-ionic polymeric fluorochemical that offers excellent wetting, leveling and flow control in a variety of coating systems. It lowers surface tension and significantly outperforms many hydrocarbon and silicone-based surfactants. In addition, this product can provide stain and dirt pick up resistance by making the coating surface oleophobic.

Our 3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4432 drastically lowers surface tension and helps coatings overcome problems caused by surface contamination. 3M fluorosurfactants concentrate at the liquid surface, lowering the surface tension of the liquid. This allows the liquid to wet and spread more evenly, and reduces the possibility of surface defects like orange peel. Additionally, this product is ideal for providing stain and dirt pick up resistance. Benefits of Fluorosurfactants Here’s where we have the edge: our fluorocarbon-based surfactants generally outperform the hydrocarbon and silicone-base surfactants in terms of surface tension reduction. Based on an innovative fluorochemical C4 building block, 3M fluorosurfactant FC-4432 is a polymer that shows excellent performance that differentiates it from competing surfactant technologies. With 3M fluorosurfactants, only a very low concentration (typically 0.1% or lower) is necessary to achieve a significant surface tension reduction of a formulation, which for customers means low use levels. Keep your Coatings Flowing From smooth walls and gleaming floors to the paint job on your car, there’s more to a uniform surface finish than meets the eye. Create smoother, more uniform coatings, reduce surface defects, and improve leveling and flow control. 3M supports selective applications that are geared toward non-dispersive applications such as permanent, long-term coatings. Applications include Industrial coatings for a variety of substrates including low surface energy plastics Architectural paints Automotive coatings Adhesives Permanent floor coatings Ink and printing