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3M™ Ceramic Microspheres White Grade W-410 25 kg

3M Artikelnummer W-4103M ID 7100037829

3M™ Ceramic Microspheres White Grade W-410 are solid, engineered particles with a typical whiteness (L Value) of 90 or greater and an effective d90 particle size of 17 - 23 μm. These unique particles offer formulation flexibility and may allow formulations with lower VOCs due to lower resin demand – as well as excellent scrub and burnish resistance.

What are Ceramic Microspheres? Our 3M™ Ceramic Microspheres White Grade W-410 are made of alkali alumino silicate ceramic with a typical particle size d90 of 17- 23 microns; it has a controlled particle size distribution. Formulating with these 3M ceramic microspheres allows higher filler loadings while maintaining desired properties such as viscosity control. In addition, these engineered particles are added to many paints and industrial coatings to provide scrub and burnish resistance. . Formulators may be able to extend resin in their formulation by adding 3M ceramic microspheres and potentially reduce cost. Abrasion, Scrub and Burnish Resistance The benefits of the solid, high-strength ceramic microspheres come from their hardness and unique shape and size distribution; These particles deliver a number of improvements to paint performance in a variety of finishes, including semi-gloss or flat matte finish. One of the benefits is scrubbability since painted surfaces are often cleaned and scrubbed. A common problem: paints can break or burnish – causing undesirable blemishes or change in gloss. A solution: 3M ceramic microspheres white grade W-410 deliver durable paint to your customers with scrub and burnish properties.

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